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Get the most out of your Kittyblock.

Placement is everything.  Where does your cat like to hang out the most?  Does kitty like to watch birds through the window?  Does he or she like to be in the center of the action or off in a corner?  Placing the Kittyblock in a good spot encourages your cat to use and enjoy it.

The Kittyblock is a designer item.  Don't be afraid to keep it front-and-center as a accent/conversation piece!

Because cats love to perch, if you have a table or some other solid furniture item, try placing the Kittyblock on top of it to get kitty elevated so he or she can keep an eye on what's going on.  Please refer to the care instructions regarding do's and don'ts when placing the Kittyblock.

Integrate the Kittyblock into your play routine.  Try dragging a toy over/through the Kittyblock and sprinkling a little catnip on/inside it.

Be patient.  Some cats take to the Kittyblock right away, while others take time to warm up to it.