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use and care

Out of the box, the Kittyblock may be a little dusty from the manufacturing process.  To minimize dust, give the Kittyblock a nice once-over with a vacuum before letting kitty loose.

The Kittyblock is made from paper.  If you get it wet, it may start to delaminate or warp.  If you accidentally spill a nice glass of merlot on it while playing with kitty, then you'll be left with the blemish.

Because there are as many cat personalities as there are smelly dogs, wear and tear will vary.

Your kitty might lounge peacefully on/inside the Kittyblock.  Conversely, your kitty may decide their purpose in life is to shred the Kittyblock to smithereens (better the Kittyblock than your furniture!).  Luckily, the Kittyblock has eight different scratching surfaces to take the beating!  Once a side gets sufficiently worn, you can simply rotate the Kittyblock 90 degrees to expose a new surface to kitty's onslaught.

Your cat may decide the Kittyblock is their new hangout.  In this case, the Kittyblock will tend to show evidence of the hours logged snoozing or playing on it by the amount of hair that has gathered on it.  Simply vacuum, brush, or roll the hair off periodically to keep the Kittyblock looking presentable.

DO NOT place the Kittyblock on an unstable, slippery, and/or narrow surface.  If your desired Kittyblock location is a slippery surface (such as a hardwood floor or a smooth tabletop), we recommend using non-slip padding beneath it to avoid the Kittyblock shifting during use by your cat.  Non-slip padding should be available at your local home improvement supply store, or online.

DO NOT stack the Kittyblocks more than two tall; if you do, they will likely fall over and could result in injury to your cat or damage to nearby household items.  If stacking Kittyblocks two tall, please note that aggressive play could also result in toppling.

DO NOT use the Kittyblock for anything other than a cat scratcher/lounger.  The Kittyblock is not a standing stool or child's toy and should not be used as such.

When it's time to replace the Kittyblock, put the old one out to the curb for recycling.  Visit to get yourself a new one.